Monday, June 14, 2010

made it!

made it to the Born Free show..... its been close to 2 weeks since we left and i have seen more than i have my entire life. colorado is beautiful (FUCK LIGHTNING), great roads and great people, kansas fucking sucks, arizona is fucking great, and california is california. over 3000 miles so far. i smoked my cam and went through 4 rocker arms because of a clogged oil passage, tore apart the top end in a gas station parking lot in kansas, cracked my frame in 2 places (all the way through on one tube and 3/4 on another), a saddle bag fell off in a gas station in nevada, lee's battery died about 1o seconds after we left Born Free, slept face down in gravel as soon as we got into Nevada. fucking great times, literally!

have met such great people, ricky and the guys at anchor cycles in kansas, the guys at 2 wheelers in denver, all the alabama kids, brian in longmont Co., Julie in Denver Warren from Jr's cycles and fuck the list goes on and on, every one has been great. marisa and nelly in Echo Park...the guys at garage Co. yeah like i said, everyone has been great. photos will be up sometime

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