Sunday, June 27, 2010

day 2

once we got to Kansas City we got in touch with Ricky at Anchor Motorcycles thanks to Dave who had put the word out on a few forums that we were having trouble in the area (amazing how great everyone was with helping out) thanks again dave and everyone who called/texted with info. Ricky and Johnny at Anchor, very much appreciated! these guys hooked me up with a spot, and a set of rockers for nothing, wouldn't let me pay a dime, and on top of that, they hooked us up with some stickers and shirts! thanks allot guys, im still rocking the sticker on my fork leg.

got back to Dans Spot in the city we went to check out his shop Escapist then i had my first Mongolian BBQ!

we woke up and took off for Denver in the AM, thanks again to everyone!

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