Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 1

so me and Lee met up in Terre Haute Indiana and took off for the coast. this is the mileage starting terre haute, 2957-115. soooooooo 2842 is what i had on the bike when we left

things were going great, good weather and the bike felt strong, we made it to the St. Louis arch and i noticed alot of smoke coming from my valve cover vent......... let the bike cool off for awhile then took off for Kansas City.made it about an hour away from the city when i started hearing this superloud valve noise so i decided i better check it out. i popped off the valve cover to find this bullshit........

pyro city, thanks for being my garage for 4 hours, you're the best....the rockers were ground down and the cam was scorched but we had to make it to Kansas city so i took it all apart and cleaned out the oil passage that was clogged and reset the valves and we took back off down the road.

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