Monday, June 28, 2010


after KC we headed to colorado, and stayed with Lees friend Brian, or "El Vortex" if you prefer, brian and all the Trick Factory guys i met are great.

this is the day the thunderstrike hit, pretty crazy but everything worked out well.

p.s. brians bike fell over on the trailer about a mile from his house. haha oh hey Remember that one time!? "i have strapped down a lot of parts bikes and i think these will ride fine"-Lee Bender

i had a great time in Colorado everyone was supper fucking cool, nothing but good times.

this is my motor after riding threw rain/snow/hail/fear for my life after the thunder coming back down from the summit....
and thanks again Julie for showing us a good time in Denver!


  1. hah! damn it! he didnt strap them like i said!!!

  2. hah damn it, he didnt strap them like i said!!!