Monday, August 2, 2010

Hotrods N' Hillbillies

i love how you can actually see rubber flying in this photo
the best ideas come when you are half drunk

Points cover/bottle opener, made by shortbus. fucking awesome

Randy's car is just Too Falcon Fast......ya he did a burnout for over 3 minuets

Jesus rides and XS, its true, i saw it, and now you have too.

lots of Xs's this year, this kid brought his bike last year before it was completely finished and got a trophy then, it looks even better now. check out that case. all done by his dad, the springer is handmade also.

you my friend, missed out. this was our best show yet. Next year= even better.


  1. thanks for the good ole time! eric and i are really looking forward to some rides with you devils from the south...

  2. I really like the part where you made me drink all that beer then watch one of the bros almost get decapitated riding 2 up into the back of that van. If Sarah would have left me there I would have slept on the picnic table, totally.