Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thorn in my pride.....or in her hand

went on a party out in smithville, the plan was to have a fire, drink some coors and party......welllllllllllllll all of those things did happen

laura partied too much and fell down....onto a thorn tree...not a thorn bush, a thorn tree
a thorn went into her palm and broke off, THEN when she bent her hand we could see a bump on the top of it......yeah, a thorn all the way through and poking up on the other side.....HARDCORE!

tried to do a little surgery with a Case knife and some needle-nose pliers...that didn't work, so one of the guys out at the party called his dad (who is a doctor) and he said to bring her into town and he would check it out
after about 4 shots of Lidocaine and 20 minuets of trying to pull the thorn out from her palm the doc pulled out a scalpel and cut the top of her hand and pulled it out that way.... and here it is!
"I have never pulled anything out that big"- Doctor

.......... Laura, was in fact...SORRY FOR PARTYIN! (for a little bit)

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