Sunday, April 18, 2010


Scott, Jeremiah, my brother, and laura and I rolled up to Indy to meet up with Lee and Rick and a few of their friends yesterday.....

it was on the colder side but a great time. i dont know how many of you guys have ever ridden with Rick and Lee, but its intense pretty much wide open most of the time, like it should be.

Laura took photos up until she started fearing for her life (which was on this first corner we took) a direct quot would be "I wasn't scared until I almost fell off when we hit that pot hole....Then all I could do was in-vision my own death"

well we like to party, what can i say?
the 750 is running great, and a little plus, when she is on the back, i can open it up in first and bring the front wheel off the ground without popping the clutch!! the power of 836 rising suns

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