Monday, January 11, 2010

ShadeTree Mechanic


Garages are nice in the winter...and when its raining....or dark......or, well actually garages are always nice what the fuck am I thinking! But the last 3 bikes I have done and the last 2 rebuilds on my Honda have been done mainly outside, in the dirt, and Indiana summer heat with lamps plugged into extension cords for light when it gets dark.

Yes that's the way I did it because I didn't have a garage of my own to do it in, but still there is something I love about "building" a bike outside. I cant really explain why i like it but I do. maybe its the the smell of the grass, or dirt. Or maybe I just like the fact that I care enough about something to sit in the sun for hours sweating my balls off, turning wrenches, getting pissed looking for those damn 1/4x20 nuts that always seem to fall out of my hands?

Its not about comfort, I don't care about a lift, a garage, or any fucking "specialty tools", that's what Vice Grips are for! Its about having something you can step back, look at, and remember every stage of. Every nut and bolt, its about taking something that was forgotten by someone else and that most people would look at and say "what is that pile of shit?" And tweaking it until you are proud of it. Then being able to get on a bike that you spent hours upon hours on and fly down the highway without it busting into pieces.

I think custom bikes are cool because of what people put into them not Bolt on bullshit and MasterCard chrome that you can open up your wallet and buy, fuck that. if its about money then go buy a new bike and a nice Sons Of Anarchy "cut" off eBay and "Ride Free Brother."

wow what a rant, anyways point of the story is, bikes are neat.


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