Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memories (and a other things) that wil last a liftime...S.F.P

checking out some pictures from the summer.....a trip to dugger we took to party with Bucko. good times

went for a ride (to see a homemade roller coaster!) but on the way back we got caught in a downpour. which wouldn't have been so bad if we had, ya know, jackets or something but no..... we stopped and bought ponchos. i wrapped mine around my face and had to chew a mouth hole threw it to breathe

by time we got back we were ready to party, Dugger style.

Jeremiah needed some alone time so we built a wall so he could have some privacy

This seemed like a good idea at the time.....little raindrops

notice how advanced the setup is.......a fucking Triumph battery.....now that's vintage DaWg

if anyones interested im sure bucko will hook it up..... i dont mean give you a good price, i mean take his battery and hook up a machine too it!

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