Tuesday, July 5, 2011

never again

turns out the 750 smoked because a piston pin circlip broke....pin gouged a nice channel in the cylinder wall for the oil to just flow up. shavings piled up in the oil and led to ruining my crank and bearings, and also broke my rings and fucked my piston like a 2 dollar whore on saturday night.

this is why i had no oil pressure at idle, the crank/bearings was ate up so instead of just alittle oil flowing around the bearings and pushing threw the oil holes it was bleeding out and pressure wouldn't build up.

swapped the crank and bearings, back to stock cylinders and pistons, new rings, swapped cam and rocker arms.
im rocking around 20lbs of oil pressure at idle after riding all day now. used to be at about 5 lbs IF i were lucky.
ironhead 750......

1 comment:

  1. damn dude.. hopefully ya wont have to deal with that shit again... 3rd times a charm?