Tuesday, July 27, 2010


lubrication is the name of the game...

written on the fence of graceland.
elvis rode...well owned a shovel chopper
beale st.

they charged 25 dollars to take your photo here....so we waited untill 4 when the people taking the photos left and did our own...what a joke

so majestic?

rode down to memphis, my bike just goes (burning oil, atleast a quart at every station....40 dollars in oil on the trip)

did the graceland tour, partied on beale st. this and that. hadn't been down there for 18 years...everything was alot bigger then. still fun, wrote SFP on the wall, toured the Gibson guitar factory that was pretty badass. met some weirdos and some good people. thats life


  1. You should have made the quick skip down to Alabama.

  2. that was the original plan, come down for the bike night, it ended up turning into this.