Sunday, February 28, 2010

750 Cases....

cruised down to Dugger tonight to drink some Coors and have Bucko paint the cases for the 750. turned out fucking great, he even let me spray a coat on the front...Candy Colored Hate While you Wait .

2 cans of aircraft stripper and a trip to the carwash got the old finish off.

taping everything off took longer than the hour drive there. (gotta be safe when using masking tape....skid lid, brain bucket, dome cap)

few beers and a coat into it, The cases were lookin good (but i look like i just crawled out of a ditch)

Those fumes will fuckin set ya free

Can you say...."that looks!?"

Hells yeah, THANKS D@wG


  1. cases look awesome, better then factory, they were sitting in my store for a day and ppl wanted to buy them. haha.. they are now in the garage waiting for you..