Friday, December 18, 2009

The life of a Honda

little timeline on my hondabike

Random stock 74 750 picture off google

first rebuild in 05, it looked pretty cool but it wasnt fun to ride so whats the point right?

so i went a diff. direction in 06, Rattle can paint job that i spent hours and hours and hours on....

lowerd the seat rails, triumph oil tank with 750 fittings welded in drag pipes blah blah blah

I really liked the bike set up like this but it was really stubby and i was never happy with the way the seat looked....

i was super proud of that paint job though...

rebuit it again this year its gonna stay this way for awhile. Bored out to 836 with a hi pro cam valve job Dyna coils and all kinds of other little motor tweaks

bad ass paint job by Bucko

i took the forwards off and switched back to mid controls and also narrowed up a set of old Z bars that look hell of alot better than the drags. i need to get a new picture

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  1. You forgot to mention the self-cleaning carbs. If they detect that gas is more then 30 seconds old it will purge the system. :-)