Friday, April 30, 2010

shitty day...

woke up early......(early for me) and put on a new tire chain and sprocket.....went down the highway with laura and stopped at a gas station to find this

fucking great....stupid fuckin mistake that i have avoided for 5 years.....and it slipped my mind because i was in a hurry today. i didnt check the clearance for the bolts under my fender and when i hit about 110 the tire expanded enough to get a nice 1/4 inch gouge ripped all the way around............. theres still alot of tread left im gonna run this tire and see how it works out.....still pissed

Thursday, April 22, 2010


750 has been "done" for a week now and im ready to move on to another project....thinking about either redoing my XS or getting another and working something out like this. i like the general look of this bike, i wouldn't roll floorboards or that tires but ya... you get the point..

Monday, April 19, 2010

worst add ever....

what is wrong with people....

last day of vacation....

well the funs over. Im going back to work tomorrow and its gonna be a 70 hour week. oh well, this week was great, lots of miles on the 750 with only minor adjustments that had to be made. great weather and good friends.

went for a solo ride up threw morgan/monroe state forest and somehow ended up in nashville, one big 70 mile loop on awesome roads...well for the most part. there was a good ten mile stretch were the road would switch back and fourth between blacktop and gravel, and every time the gravel got bigger and the blacktop got shittier but all and all it was a good day.... great end to a great week

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Scott, Jeremiah, my brother, and laura and I rolled up to Indy to meet up with Lee and Rick and a few of their friends yesterday.....

it was on the colder side but a great time. i dont know how many of you guys have ever ridden with Rick and Lee, but its intense pretty much wide open most of the time, like it should be.

Laura took photos up until she started fearing for her life (which was on this first corner we took) a direct quot would be "I wasn't scared until I almost fell off when we hit that pot hole....Then all I could do was in-vision my own death"

well we like to party, what can i say?
the 750 is running great, and a little plus, when she is on the back, i can open it up in first and bring the front wheel off the ground without popping the clutch!! the power of 836 rising suns

Friday, April 16, 2010



josh's badass 750
G's sporty...(i blew his doors off)
80, no hands, leaned back on my sissy bar...
worst carbs Jeremiah's parts bike

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Dave rode with me down to Buckos. i wanted to put some miles on the 750 to see how its gonna hold up. speedo' cable broke, one of my oil tank fittings is seeping a little, and my battery cable came loose, thats all so far, nothing major just little things.

(jacked this photo from Dave)

then came back into town and went out to the lake for a little bit, close to 130mi total, so far everything's going well,

Sunday, April 11, 2010


(until shit starts falling off.....)

Thorn in my pride.....or in her hand

went on a party out in smithville, the plan was to have a fire, drink some coors and party......welllllllllllllll all of those things did happen

laura partied too much and fell down....onto a thorn tree...not a thorn bush, a thorn tree
a thorn went into her palm and broke off, THEN when she bent her hand we could see a bump on the top of it......yeah, a thorn all the way through and poking up on the other side.....HARDCORE!

tried to do a little surgery with a Case knife and some needle-nose pliers...that didn't work, so one of the guys out at the party called his dad (who is a doctor) and he said to bring her into town and he would check it out
after about 4 shots of Lidocaine and 20 minuets of trying to pull the thorn out from her palm the doc pulled out a scalpel and cut the top of her hand and pulled it out that way.... and here it is!
"I have never pulled anything out that big"- Doctor

.......... Laura, was in fact...SORRY FOR PARTYIN! (for a little bit)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

750 oil tank....

the oil tank i got had 1/4 outlets on it, a 750 needs at least 3/8th's so i drilled out the bungs, tapped them, and got some 90 degree bends from the hardware store with 3/8ths ID. now i need to space my oil tank up a little higher for chain clearance but other than everything is gonna work out nice.

Sunday, April 4, 2010